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Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa, Making Charity and Service his Mission

After completing his theological studies at Faith Theological Christian University in Nigeria, Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa moved to Ilford, Great Britain. There he established his charity foundation, the New Bethel Christian Centre, and serves as Pastor and Reverend.

The New Bethel Christian Centre opened its doors to the East London area in 2010 in order to empower people with hope, from all walks of life and places. This meant becoming an interdenominational charity with a core, concrete focus of providing assistance to people in the United Kingdom and Africa who have been overlooked by the rest of the world. The New Bethel Christian Centre is responsible for assisting the needy by providing them with food, clothes, and books, as well as promoting its mission by building churches in other countries.

As a general overseer at New Bethel Christian Centre, Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa is responsible for coordinating activities and managing the different departments of the church, as well as ensuring that monetary goals for charities are being met. He offers Christian counseling services at no cost to individuals seeking spiritual healing.



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