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Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa, Making Charity and Service his Mission

After completing his theological studies at Faith Theological Christian University in Nigeria, Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa moved to Ilford, Great Britain. There he established his charity foundation, the New Bethel Christian Centre, and serves as Pastor and Reverend.

The New Bethel Christian Centre opened its doors to the East London area in 2010 in order to empower people with hope, from all walks of life and places. This meant becoming an interdenominational charity with a core, concrete focus of providing assistance to people in the United Kingdom and Africa who have been overlooked by the rest of the world. The New Bethel Christian Centre is responsible for assisting the needy by providing them with food, clothes, and books, as well as promoting its mission by building churches in other countries.

As a general overseer at New Bethel Christian Centre, Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa is responsible for coordinating activities and managing the different departments of the church, as well as ensuring that monetary goals for charities are being met. He offers Christian counseling services at no cost to individuals seeking spiritual healing.



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New Bethel Christian Community, by Dubem Okwuosa

Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa is invested in the New Bethel Christian Community (NBCC), a church that combines local worship with an inclusive vision. The church ministers to people suffering and struggling with problems by offering a vision of hope.

The values of NBCC ground its mission. Using the Biblical principles of dignity and respect for all, NBCC’s people reach out into the community with the love of Christ. The church advocates self-improvement as a tool for making its diverse congregation spiritually stronger.

The Deliverance and Healing Centre is for Christians hindered by various hardships or conditions. Worshipers at NBCC believe that a demonic influence can be removed from individuals and social institutions.

The church holds Sunday morning and evening services for adults, and special services for children ages four to ten, with midweek activities on Wednesdays. A nursery for toddlers frees up parents for Sunday worship. NBCC also involves youth in one of three services, for ages 3-5, 5-12, and grades 7-12.

Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa is the general overseer of the New Bethel Christian Community in Ilford, Great Britain.


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Traveling to Gain Empathy

Throughout his life, Dubem Okwuosa has embraced a simple life so that he might use what resources he has to help others. This habit of empathy expressed itself in his early life as support of his schoolmates: he would share his food to those who were hungry and offer rides to those without transportation.

As he entered adulthood, Okwuosa discovered he also had a love for seeing the world and that traveling afforded him new opportunities to meet and serve others. A native of Nigeria, he now lives in the United Kingdom, where he runs the New Bethel Christian Centre, a charitable organization he founded with the intent to provide aid for orphans, widows, and those in financial distress.

Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa’s service is not limited to those in the UK, however. He has traveled to every continent on the planet and visited many of its countries as well. According to travel expert Rick Steves, extensive travel may actually contribute to the ability to empathize with others.

Steves credits traveling with improving his understanding of other cultures and actually leading to modified behavior in his home life. Steves also notes that the exposure to new ideas that accompanies travel necessarily expands a person’s knowledge and influences his or her outlook on life.

In the case of Dubem Okwuosa, that influence seems to be for the better.

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