About Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa

Throughout his life and career, Amaechi Okwuosa has sought to help other people. A member of the Boy Scouts of Nigeria and the Nigerian Red Cross Society at an early age, Amaechi Okwuosa displayed the qualities of a disciplined and altruistic individual. During secondary school, he excelled scholastically and received various honors, including being named the neatest student of the year for his proper sense of decorum. Having developed traits that have served him later in life as a law professional and missionary, Amaechi Okwuosa often mediated student disputes and donated his time and resources to assist his classmates. Similarly, in college, he helped his peers pay school fees, find housing, and secure transportation to class.

A graduate of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University and the Nigerian Law School, Amaechi Okwuosa completed a law degree before attending the Faith Theological Christian University. In addition to holding positions with various legal firms, including OFIANYI CHAMBERS and Dubem Okwuosa & Co., Amaechi Okwuosa has since helped the underserved through an association with the New Bethel Christian Centre (NBCC). As the foundation’s General Overseer, he works closely with several department heads to ensure they correctly implement church policies and meet charitable objectives. In this way, he works to assist people in need across the globe.

For his charitable efforts at home and abroad, Amaechi Okwuosa was awarded the Grand Order of Peace Pursuit by the International Fellowship of Reconciliation in conjunction with the La Trobe University Centre for Dialogue. Furthermore he has supported Christian causes world wide.

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