A Look at Anglican Communion

An important religious organization, Anglican Communion features chapters in more than 165 countries. Since its emergence in the 16th and 17th century, Anglicanism, also known as the Episcopalian religion, has encouraged others to employ Christian beliefs in every area of their work and life. Today, more than 85 million people on six continents consider themselves Anglicans.

Anglican Communion follows the teachings of the Archbishop of Canterbury and believes in the three tenets of scripture, tradition, and reason. Consisting of 38 member churches and provinces, these individual chapters share doctrine, worship methods, and missions. The values of Anglican Communion extend back hundreds of years, and this group inspires its followers to discover new members, aid others in their communities, and stop injustice throughout the world. Log onto AngelicanCommunion.org to learn more about this entity’s belief structure, its affiliated ministries, and its instruments of communion.

Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa represents one member of Anglican Communion. A Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths for the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa performs as General Overseer at New Bethel Christian Centre in Ilford, Great Britain.

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