The Difference between Snooker and Pool

Although pool and snooker share similarities, there are significant differences between the two. While pool represents an American classic, snooker holds greater popularity in Great Britain, Canada, India, and the Middle East. However, there are American snooker fans, and the United States Snooker Association governs the US form of the activity.

Aside from regional favoritism, the games themselves are different. In regulation play, American pool tables extend eight feet. However, snooker tables are between 10 and 12 feet across and stand approximately 2 inches higher than pool tables. Moreover, snooker tables feature smaller pockets with a curved lead in. Another significant departure involves the balls, as snooker requires 15 red balls, six numbered balls, and one cue ball as opposed to the 15 larger numbered balls plus a cue ball used in pool.

Regardless of where one plays, snooker delights people across the world. Aside from professionals, lay people such as Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa enjoy the pastime. A religious leader and attorney, Amaechi Dubem Okwuosa hits the tables when not performing as General Overseer at New Bethel Christian Centre in Ilford, Great Britain.

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